Our product rang​e allows all supply for registration day and election day.​

Stationery (kits and bulk), voting booth, ballot box, indelible silver nitrate ink, UV ink, supply for photo registration etc. Our references have supplied to Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe, ad Africa.​

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We supply for both development aid and humanitarian aid or other operations in remote and areas in conflict.

Projects have been supplied for the Middle East and Africa.

Our huge product program allow us to supply main items for a field camp operation. Standard and customized personel tents, kitchen tents, sleeping bags, camel bags, water treatment, working cloths (uniforms), de-mining equipment, generators, personal equipment etc.​

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We supply material for education purpose in remote and areas in conflict.

Projects have been supplied for the Middle East ​and Africa.

Our huge product program allows us to supply main items for education. Stationary in kit box or bulk items, print, school books, funitures

We supply school-in-a-box-kits to be used in any emergency crises.

We operate with a customized and just in time packaging and supply system. We have the knowledge to supply your products directly to final destination also in remote and areas in conflict.​​

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In order to minimise Global Pollution the different NGO organizations have great focus on implementing and using products that leave least CO2 Carbon Footprint. One of these products are solar power.

Our Solar 100Ah/12V and 300Ah/12V systems have a main focus on Plug & Play feature and have been supplied to UN test projects. We also have smaller systems down to under 100Wh for emergency and which can be airlifted.

Other solar products are small solar lighting systems, solar powered lantern lamps and solar power packs.

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Risk Management has Big importance for timely delivery, and a great deal of our job is to secure a problem free production flow at production sites as well as to make sure to evaluate each logistic proposal of delivery all the way to final place of delivery.

Our team has many years experience in working with International Forwarding companies who also have extensive experience within the field of emergency & relief projects.

All aspects are Risk evaluated, from scheduled Logistic Plan with back up options, whether there are changes to local or governmental conditions that affect delivery time to air/sea Port at destination, to the schedule for quality inspections at the individual production sites.