Material for registration centers and voting operations


The challenges of the supply of electoral material:

Extreme tight timelines

  • compulsory assurance of high quality, Sensitive products/ Procurements
  • realistic confirmed logistic set-up, delays are not acceptable
Complex project planning

Electoral materials are highly diverse and requiring consolidation and special packing, which result in a complex logistic planning, from production, kitting, packing to transportation to final destination.

Our team has been working with supply to elections since 2008 and have superior expertise in dealing with the challenges.

Our Election Project Management Team will coordinate and oversee all processes in the Project Implementation Phase.

Sense of security - Experience

Detailed roll-out plan presented with proposal, close follow-up during roll-out, solving of problems when occur fast reaction

Our highest priority is to ensure technical compliancy and meet delivery timeline; which enable the Elections commissions, UN staff, observers and all other parties involved in the preparation and running of the elections, to fulfill their obligations.

Voter Registration Kits

Material to registration centers

Training Kits

Training material for polling staff

Polling Station Kits

Material for polling centers

Voting Booths and Ballot boxes

We provided solutions that can be packed with polling kits

Voting booth single/table in PP and cardboard

Ballot Boxes in PP

Voter Ink

Indelible Ink for Voter Registration